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For True Holiday Fun, Throw a Holiday Tea Party…

The holiday season is busy and there’s usually no time to put your feet up and relax with a cup of tea, but at TopIt, we have an idea that both gives you a holiday party theme and lets you enjoy your favorite beverage. This season, throw a party inspired by the tea-loving region of your choice. From India to Russia, tea is considered a drink of ceremony and tradition. Add a festive playlist and décor, and the possibilities for your fête are endless.

For a Russian-themed tea party, brew black tea (the tea of choice in Russia) in a samovar and serve it with pastries like syrniki or fruit-filled pirozhki. For an Indian-theme, brew Chai or Darjeeling (grown exclusively in India) green, white or black tea and serve it with cham-cham or ras malai. Finally, for a traditional English Christmas tea party, light a fire and serve Victoria sponge cake and cucumber sandwiches. Whatever tea you choose, have TopIts on hand for proper steeping (and give them to your guests as gifts!).

For the host, tea parties are less pressure than cocktail parties–they can take place earlier in the day and involve less prep. And for guests, let’s face it–just holding that warm cup is soothing! They are a win-win during a time of year when days are jam-packed and all we really want is to slow down and catch up with friends and family.

We’d love to know if you’re inspired to throw your own holiday tea party, please share photos with your friends here at TopIt!

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