Hot Beverages and its benefits

What better time than now with this wintry weather to have a hot beverage of your choice.  There are many options.

As another new year dawns we are filled with hope and endeavor to make lots of new resolutions; a perfect time to start a new routine.  Who doesn’t love a cup of hot coffee or tea in the morning to jump start the day; however Ayurveda medicine suggests that warm water with lemon lemonat the start of the day is your best option as it helps kick start your metabolism. It also has many other health benefits.  

Here are a few reasons to put your hot tea or coffee on hold for a short while.  Lemons are acidic but once ingested into the body becomes “ alkaline” resetting your PH balance.  This is very important to helping maintain good health. 

It is best to drink as is, but for those of you who may have a hard time with new things, try sweetening with a small amount honey to help it go down smoother, adding a little flavor. 

Warm water on its own first thing in the morning also aids digestion.  It gets the internal body functions working efficiently. 

Lemons, however,  are filled with Pectin Fiber which is said to help fight hunger cravings.    Some say that lemon water improves skin tone and even provides energy.  Start now, all you need is hot water, lemon, a mug or cup.  Why resist such ease?

Now that you have started the day with your high energy, metabolism booster, skin toner drink, you are ready for your morning shot of caffeine. 

Whether your choice is a cup or mug image2 of cocoffee or tea, it all starts with the brewing process and the quality of product.  It doesn’t matter if you are using loose leaves with a tea pot or a tea cup cover with tea bag, the brewing time and water temperature are just as important to brew the perfect cup.  Check out recommended steeping suggestions

Coffee drinkers have a myriad of devices available to make it easy, such as the French press, a regular coffee pot, ready-made pods and the list goes on.  Take the time to brew and enjoy a deserved moment to savor the taste. 

Another great beverage at this time of year is a wonderful hot cup of soup which immediately takes the chill off, warming the body.  It can be filled with lots of nutritional value and is easy to digest.

Drink up, warm up, Enjoy!


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