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Get Your Groove Back Naturally with Tea

It’s the winter and the cold days can really make you feel dreary.  You sit longing for the days of summer drinking cool fruity drinks and doing much of nothing.   Well you can get your groove back now without much effort.  Tea has the effects of being mood changers and you can do it naturally.

Black tea:  Great option in the morning to perk up, by itself or with milk and can be sweetened to taste.  However, many drink lemon with tea, but do your research as lemon changes the levels of absorption of your aluminum intake; it has a multiplier effect dramatically increasing your aluminum levels.  Lemon is best taken plain with hot/warm water and helps reset the alkaline levels in the body.

Guayusa: Brewed for thousands of years by the indigenous people of the Amazon of Equador.   It is high in caffeine and has as much as a cup of coffee, keeping you awake and focused, but strangely enough is still known for its calming effects.  It is high in antioxidants.  In the Kichwa culture, drinking guayusa is a what they do early in the morning, getting the day started.  ( read more about it at Runa.org)

Peppermint:  has many benefits.  It helps relax you, relieving stress, aids digestion and even helps freshen your breath.  Bad breath is often a deeper issue and can be the result of digestive issues.  Peppermint also has high menthol content and the smell is known to relieve headaches.

Green Tea:  Recent research has shown that polyphenois which gives Green Tea it’s bitter taste, is high in antioxidants and has been shown to improve moods, boosting dopamine.   It also contains Theanine, an amino acid, which has a calming effect and can helps you regain focus.  Also used for treating anxiety.

Chamomile:  When feeling achy, tired or down, it has a great calming effect, relaxing the body and mind.

Basil Tea: Ayurvedic medicine promotes basil as a reducer of the stress hormone Cortisol.  You can buy the tea ready-made or just dry basil leaves and make it yourself.

Lavender:  Good for the skin but can also be used to relieve migraines, the smell alone has a calming effect.  Lavender is often an ingredient in many tea mixes.

Ginger Tea:  Has long been used for upset stomachs, soothing away pain, but also used when under the weather for colds.

There are so many options for tea depending on your current mood and the mood you want to have.  Drink wisely and ensure that the teas you drink do not interfere with any other medications you are taking.  You can wake up, be alert and focused, or you can relax and be calm, you may have a stomach ache or headache that needs easing.

Tea always a great natural solution.

Drink Tea!


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