Oh For The Love of Friends

Up for a cup of tea?

It’s Sunday afternoon and  I am sitting, enjoying a cup of Peppermint Tea with my dear friend…

Holly and I are chit chatting about the importance of maintaining friendships. It appears we are all so busy and life gets in the way of staying in touch.  Social media has become the way to communicate, text messages, liking or brief comments on FB, Twitter etc, but good old fashioned time together and personal chats are fewer and further apart.  We all have different groups of friends, work friends, college friends, childhood friends, neighborhood friends and people who want to be your friend friends.  It can be overwhelming trying to keep up, even with those you want to keep up with. My friend and I have concluded that in order to remain close and connected,  friendships require great effort.  Holly and I have committed to this;  we will see how it goes. 

Research shows that there are multiple benefits to lasting friendships; not withstanding those family and “close” friends that we truly cannot bear.

The ones we love the most are the ones who we cancel plans with,  and expect them to understand.  Make a commitment and keep it, stay in touch, have coffee, write a personal card, leave a nice message or make a date,  but be consistent…..


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