Cussing, is it really necessary?

    Up for a cup of tea?

It’s Sunday afternoon and I am sitting enjoying a cup of PG Tips tea (my favorite) with my friend….

Indira and I are talking about my giving up cussing for Lent as a part of my Lenten journey for the six week duration. REALLY?  You might as well ask me to be the emperor without clothes.  Honestly, I am trying but let’s look at what cussing really is.  Is it not just a stronger expression of how one feels? or used at the right moment just for emphasis?  To relieve stress and anger? For comedy?  It isn’t always negative; however I remember a time when I thought it was so vulgar to cuss. Today, it appears to be the norm in some circles, including mine.

So you might ask, how am I doing?  Not bad I say, not bad.  First week was hard, but it is a conscious effort.  There are other benefits because not only am I thinking about not cussing,  I am also thinking about what commentary I am passing in general.   Now that’s an AHA moment.

It is commonly said that 21 days makes a habit, so I would imagine that after 40 days I will be cured.  I am almost certain of it.

Is the 21 day habit theory a myth? There is no scientific research to support this theory.   It is suggested that this theory started with the observations of Dr. Maxwell  Maltz, a known Plastic Surgeon.  He notes in his book published in 1960 that it took amputees an average of 21 days to adjust to losing a limb.  He went on to say that this theory could be translated to any adjustment regarding life changes, hence the formation of the 21 day habit phenomenon.

So, how long to form a habit?  I decided to start drinking a cup of warm lemon water daily to start my day.  It is 2 months later and I am still doing it consistently.  I also decided that I would do 100 sit ups every day and let’s just say I don’t have a 2 pack.  I have concluded that it’s up to you, it may take one day depending on how easy the task, or it may take a year….on average the stats say 66 days…I  say MAYBE!

It depends entirely on you.


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