No Wine for a Week!

Up for a cup of tea?

It’s Sunday afternoon and I am sitting enjoying a cup of Ginger/Lemon tea and chatting with my friend …

Gillian and I are discussing this upcoming Holy Week and the end to my Lenten journey with no cussing (last week’s blog) .  I tell her I am ending the week strong with big sacrifices…

  • No meat for the entire week (only fish)
  • No WINE daily (a big deal for me, great de-stresser)
  • No sweets
  • No dairy
  • Embrace the 21 day meditation I signed up for but didn’t start

I went shopping earlier and stocked up on fish and vegetables.  We eat pretty healthy, but the minute you decide to give something up, is the minute you must have it.  Today’s menu is Tilapia, sauteed with onions and tomatoes over brown rice, mushrooms and fennel with cumin, steamed broccoli and no wine.

Gillian is supportive and is certain I will be able do it.  She reminds me I can be pretty committed…so a week with extra yoga and all of the above should get me there.  I signed up for the Oprah and Deepak Chopra, 21 day meditation series,( 14 days ago)  and did my first session today…simply amazing.

It was appropriately titled “The Journey to Perfect Health”, which means the stars are aligned, so what better time to focus on my body and mind.  Deepak ends the mediation by saying “Simply with the change of mind, you can change your life”.

I believe it.   I am changing my mind and life.


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