Innovate, the new buzz word!

  Up for a cup of tea?

I am sitting and enjoying a cup of PG Tips tea and chatting with my friend….

Heather and I are chatting about INNOVATION  and what this new buzz word is all about.   We all want to be innovative but what does it all really mean?  Bottom line, be different, and introduce something new.  Don’t be afraid to fail.  All great entrepreneurs and successful people have failed multiple times. Success comes from getting up and trying again and again and again. As the saying goes…Third time is a charm.

At Teatopit we are innovative.  We created the ”topit”  a unique tea cup cover which also serves as a teabag caddy, not made by anyone else, and it’s patented.  We all have great ideas, but it doesn’t mean much unless it’s implemented.  Our “topit” came about as a result of personal need.  It seemed like a good idea which we had to implement. Thereby began execution of an idea.  Can you take your idea to market?  Does it bring value to the consumer?  This is where belief is paramount, because without belief, drive, and motivation…innovation is just an idea waiting to happen…a dream perhaps.

 It’s time to start thinking out of the box at work and home.  We must use our imagination and find ways to do things differently.  These are the times for us to encourage our kids to foster change and be innovative in everything they do.  The “back in the day” theory is extinct.  Innovation begins at home!

 New ideas are the name of the game to survive and be successful in today’s world economy.  Go out , effect change and be innovative in your thoughts and actions.  Success is sure to follow.  Get up and go!


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