Spring Cleaning

 Up for a cup of tea?

I am sitting and enjoying a cup of PG Tips tea and chatting with my friend….

Ari and I and talking about clothes and the fact that the closet is full, but still we have nothing to wear.  How could that be?  The closet is jammed with things that don’t fit and clothes that have had their day.  It’s all about Spring cleaning and tidying the wardrobe to make room for new things.

Have you felt like chucking lots of things as you clean out those closets and review your summer attire?  Where do you start?  We have such an emotional attachment to that shirt we haven’t worn in 5 years, and yet make the promise that this is the year it gets worn.  Really?  Instead of holding it for another year, think about donating it to goodwill and imagine someone getting joy from wearing it…it may be their favorite piece…be realistic with yourself.

Here are some tips to get started:

  • Don’t think of it as a project or it won’t get done, make it fun with a friend
  • Do it with a friend who will be honest.  It will help you be decisive when wavering
  • Make the rule if that you buy something, then something  must go
  • Think of outfits and what matches
  • Stick to the basics and pepper in some trendy items
  •  Use baskets and containers to be efficient.  It will look nicer too
  • Fold neatly and organize by type of clothing…T-Shirts/ Pants/Jeans etc

Once you start, it will energize you to move into other areas of Spring Cleaning.  Get great tips for organizing your home from Simply B Organzied or Real Simple.  Start small.  If you make things a project they never get done.  A little each day goes a long way.


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