Mother’s Day

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I am sitting and enjoying a cup of PG Tips tea and chatting with my friend….

Freddie and I are talking about what to do on Sunday to celebrate Mother’s Day and got to chatting about the origin of this day.

It’s dates back officially to 1914, when it was recognized as a national holiday in the United States.  It all started with Anna Jarvis who was inspired by the work of her mother Ann Jarvis .  In 1858, Ann Jarvis founded the Mother’s Day Club, an organized way for women to work in the community  supporting and improving health conditions for families.  It was successful and expanded to surrounding towns.   During the American Civil War  (1861-1865 ) the Mother’s Day Club worked neutrally supporting both  Confederate and Union soldiers with clothing, food and healthcare.  In 1907, two years after  Ann Jarvis passed away,  Anna held a memorial to her mother.  This sparked her to work tirelessly to have Mother’s Day recognized as a National Holiday.  In 1908, the first Mother’s Day was unofficially celebrated, and six years later it was official.

Over the years, this holiday has been adopted by other countries around the world.   It is celebrated by offering a card or gift, and a myriad of other ways to show appreciation .  Due to its commercialization, it has expanded to include close female maternal figures as well.  I always celebrate my lovely grandmother, Gwen, on this day and offer flowers in memory of my own beautiful mother, Anne.

Even though the 1914 date is official, the first beginnings of Mother’s Day observances began as early as the 1870’s by Julia Ward Howe.  She originally tried to establish a “Mother’s Day for Peace”. A day for women to join together for world peace, however she was never successful.

In the U.S Mother’s Day is celebrated the second Sunday in May.  To protect ownership of the invention, Jarvis trademarked the term “second Sunday in May” and “Mother’s Day”.

In the UK and Ireland, Mother’s Day is celebrated the fourth Sunday in Lent.  In other parts of the world similar celebrations honor mothers at various times of the year.

     It’s a lovely day to show our appreciation, but we should continue to honor our mothers and ourselves every day.


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