First Steps, Amazing Like A Rainbow

  Up for a cup of tea?

I am sitting having a cup of tea with my brother, and right before my eyes, my nephew just took his first steps at 11 months.  He is unsure but moving with tenacity once he did it.

So Alex and I are watching, fascinated as he tries again and again.  Besides the fact that my brother has no idea what his life has just become, it is awesome to watch.  It really is amazing, like seeing a rainbow.  This little one will be sprinting around before long.  As we sit chatting, fascinated by this one little step, it gets us talking about doing things for the first time.  

Taking the first steps are the hardest, then it gets easier from there.  What first steps have you been talking about taking and never getting around to it?  Is it looking for a new job? Starting your own business? Going back to school?  Rock climbing?  etc.  Whatever it is, just commit and start today.  I love Zumba classes and have procrastinated taking the time to find a class.  I am inspired and will start shaking my hips next week.  

How do you drive success?  Believe it or not sometimes reading a good book about someone doing something inspiring is a good start, using the internet to research your interest or ordering a magazine on the topic of interest.  Sometimes, it can be as simple as surrounding yourself with like-minded people who will encourage you to move forward. 

Take the first step and the rest will take care of itself.  It’s like the rainbow; you never know where it starts and ends. 

Good luck.

“The first step is you have to say you can.”  Will Smith


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