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Stress, Control The Not So Silent Killer

Up for a cup of tea?

So I am sitting enjoying my usual cup of PG Tips speaking with my friend.  Gillian and I are talking about our jobs and how stressful it has all become with commuting, family, work obligations and the general expectations associated with working day in and day out.

So we started chatting about the article in the NYTimes last week about how more and more people are looking for flexibility in their schedules, with less hours in the office and more time with their families.  We got on this topic as our friend’s husband had a heart attack at 42 years old.  Now this fella is young, fit and healthy; at least so we thought.   We go through our day to day lives not thinking it could happen to us.  The doctor did not find any blockages,  and attributes the attack to his elevated stress levels.  So what do we do with this information?

I was getting myself all stressed out last month at work and I could feel the change in my body.  I’m a regular yoga practitioner but it wasn’t enough, so I decided it was time to do something about it.    I started jogging every other day just to control the stress.  It has helped me tremendously.  I  enjoy a glass of red wine with dinner, not excessive, besides if the Europeans can do it, then why not.

All this to say that you really must be aware of what is going on with your body.  STRESS is no longer the silent killer because we know what it can do.  Dr. Oz talks about it all the time.  The level of stress is elevated in the workplace these days.  It is not like watching the TV show, Madmen, seeing folks polishing off a brandy or two in the middle of the day as a matter of course.  Gone are the days when it was the standard to have 2 hour lunches, leisurely doing business and enjoying a cocktail.  Today it’s all about efficiency, in and out for lunch in under an hour, and on to the next thing.  The ability to stay connected is killing us.  Stress has been described as the Black Plague of the 20th century and it still doesn’t seem as if we take it as seriously as we need to.  It is responsible for heart disease and many other illnesses.  So find your inner calm and distress.

Here are a few tips managing stress:

  • Commit to a healthy diet.  Reduced alcohol and caffeine/ more fruits and grains
  • Treat yourself to a massage (affordable at massage envy – at least once per month)
  • Meditate- Practice mindfulness – easy to start
  • Make time for meeting friends
  • Enjoy a good meal leisurely without interruptions
  • Commit to an activity that you enjoy
  • Read
  • Cook
  • Exercise daily – walking, jogging, squatting…start the day off right…10 minutes is a great start trying to fit in 30 minutes daily

Relieve the stress.




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