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Universal intervention Up for a cup of tea?

I am sitting enjoying my usual cup of PG tips tea with my friend and chatting about whether or not we believe in universal intervention. Should we just trust it?

Lisa and I chat about lots of different things but this  is particularly interesting. I read the book “The Secret” , which is based on the premise of belief, and thoughts becoming deeds .  I have come to support the theory that if you put your thoughts into the universe, things happen. We may not always appreciate the answers at the time but may have greater appreciation later.

Here’s my personal story about why I believe this is true. My mom was diagnosed with ALS (known as Lou Gehrigs Disease) . ALS unfortunately is terminal. Devastating news for any family. Many of you know exactly where I was, and can relate. Over a period of years my mom put up a good fight, but passed away a few years ago.

I tell you this because a month before she passed away, I unexpectedly was downsized from my job just before the Christmas holidays. My thoughts were crowded with how to cope with finding another job in a tough economy. However, when my mom passed, there was no substitute for the time away from a stressful sales job. I was given the gift of time to grieve and heal.

Some may say I was dealt a terrible hand, but I say, I was extremely lucky.  The universe knew what I needed as I was able to grieve,  and then re-focus and plan. Funny enough, money seemed to flow from the most unexpected places and was never an added stress. A few months later, I landed a good job at an organization I liked.

Sometimes blessings are given in the most mysterious ways.  We don’t know always know what they are or  why they came.

Simply believe that the universe is working in your favor.


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