Love The One You’re With!

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I am chatting and enjoying a quiet moment with my friend and we are talking about relationships.

Gillian and I are talking about moments when we look at our husbands and want to scream out in frustration and then the moment passes.  I can’t say that I know many married friends, who are raising kids, working, volunteering, managing a household and holding it down blissfully. Everyone has issues.  What I have learned is that there is a comfortable acceptance of companionship and finding a way of making it work, together.  

We all have the brilliant idea at some point along the way that we could go it alone, but in the long run that may or may not be true.  If you are in an abusive relationship of some kind then leaving is surely the right option.  In today’s world it has become so easy to separate and not make the effort to continue, but should be given more consideration especially when kids are involved.  Government statistics as of 2011 show that 36% of marriages end in divorce, an alarming number which continues to climb.  It also shows that women suffer more than men financially, usually  when the woman has been at home caring for kids.  Look, there are circumstances beyond our control where we don’t have the choice of whether to  stay together because one person makes the decisions and stands by it.  However,   when there is a chance it could improve,  then we must plunge in head first and work to fix the issues.   The grass isn’t always greener is a perfect expression, but sometimes we have the need to find out.  My girlfriends and I sometimes make the statement, “how am I going to get out of this?” ; there are many days like that…but like Alexander says in the popular children’s story,  “It has been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. My mom says some days are like that…Even in Australia.”

All this to say, sometimes we need to try a little bit harder, a little bit longer, and maybe, just maybe, the outcome can be different.  Someone has to take the first step.  Kindness is contagious. 



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