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Gossip By Any Other Name Is Still The Same!

 gossip         Up for a cup of tea?

I am sitting with my friend enjoying a cup of PG Tips tea.  Bob and I are chatting about how damaging  gossip can be.

The dictionary describes GOSSIP as  “idle talk or rumor, especially about the personal or private affairs of others” and RUMOR “as a story or statement in general circulation without confirmation or certainty as to facts.”

There is a thin line between Gossip and Rumor,  neither good for the person targeted.

Unfortunately, Gossip or Rumors may or may not be true, and in most instances shouldn’t be shared and talked about anyway.  We use it as a way to bond, to appear more important than we are, or as a juicy tidbit to share with friends.  It seems harmless enough in the moment.  However,  when you are the target of the gossip or rumor, the entire picture changes.  I was recently the victim of an untrue rumor.   It was hurtful and harmful to my job and reputation.  It was devastating, based solely on jealousy.  As I tried to understand why,  it  suddenly occurred to me how many times I had engaged in idle gossip; passing along information that was private but juicy.  Information I had heard from someone else.  This is how it all starts and then becomes a domino effect.  I was just as guilty.

You are truly not aware of the impact, until it happens to you.  It can be destructive. I would say STOP, THINK, PUT YOURSELF in the person’s shoes for one minute,  and maybe the information isn’t so interesting after all.  Would you appreciate it?  It gave me pause.  I am now more mindful and thoughtful of the impact I can have by passing along a simple tidbit.  Don’t be afraid to stop gossip before it starts;  It starts with you,  shut it down.


Gossip/Rumors are damaging!


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