Job Change?

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I am sitting here chatting with my friends enjoying a cup of peppermint tea.  Karen, Lisa and I are chatting about new beginnings and remaining energized in the jobs we have.

When do you decide to leave the job you are in? What are the signs?  Quite frankly, are you excited to get up and go to work everyday? or is it just about bringing home the bacon?   A lot of us are so busy and overwhelmed that we don’t find the time to actually enjoy what we do.

More often than not,  when I am asked, “how are you?”  The response is always the same..”busy” or sometimes “stressed”  Take a moment,  ask yourself, are you that busy?  Are you productive?  The answer will be NO, especially if you are not motivated.   Laura Stack, productivity expert wrote an  article on “busy work” that you might find interesting. In the meantime, take some time to think about your situation by starting here.

Self assessment tips on job satisfaction:

  1. Evaluate what you like and don’t like.  Write it down.  Make the decision on  whether the things you dislike can change, and if not, can you live with it?
  2. Do you like the people you work with?  This is tough as most of us spend more time at work than home so it’s important  to like the environment we work in.  Does it have a positive effect on you?
  3. Strange phenomenon,  sometimes management won’t address when things are broken. How can you be a leader and effect change?   
  4. Do you have JOY?  Maybe it is impacting your home life and you are miserable to be around.
  5. Sometimes we can stay with the same company but may need a job/department change, not a company change.
  6. Money should never be the primary driver for moving jobs.  If you like what you do, the money will follow. However, if you have a family to support you may not always have the luxury of this kind of time.

My personal limit is 4 years in the same job and then I need change.  Everyone has their own time frame.  Some of us are just too comfortable,  afraid of change,  enjoying the routine of sameness.  Jobs and careers are not the same but to some are interchangeable.   The main difference depends on how much you enjoy the work, which then leads you to work harder, creating opportunity, leading to a career and a future.  We should all aspire to do more and find ways to bring freshness to our current role or decide to make a change.

It starts with you today.

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