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discipline   Up for a cup of tea?

I am sitting enjoying a really good soy peppermint latte introduced to me by my cousin Indira.  I am chatting with my daughter about self discipline.

We all have goals we want to accomplish, but sometimes we do things in stops and starts.  I have started trying to incorporate additional exercise into my morning routine, like sit-ups while waiting for the kettle to boil, squats as I brush my teeth, little things to start a routine.  What are your wishes? I am working with my daughter on trying to keep the discipline of regularly picking up her things left around the house , putting them away immediately.  Harping on the basics like making the bed in the morning,   Some days are better than others, but repetition makes a routine, so we will keep it going.

It’s not just about you this year, think of something that can make someone else’s day better.  Perhaps,  an unexpected compliment,  a small act of kindness.  Every year I vow to send my grandmother in England a letter at least once a month, in addition weekly calls, but it didn’t happen last year.  This year I  was honest with myself and made it attainable, now it’s every couple of months.  My grandma never forgets an occasion to send a card, admirable in this day when all we do is email.  Anyway, think about how you can contribute to your own joy through daily routines,  as well as  making the lives of those around you better.

As some of your  resolutions start to fade, I encourage you to incorporate the little things, feel accomplished.  Make a commitment.


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