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I am sitting enjoying a cup of PG Tips tea with my brother and chatting about whether or not we have the traits of a leader.

You may surprise yourself and discover that you are a leader.  Keep in mind, there is a difference between those who lead and those who are leaders.   Shakespeare said, “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them“  taken from Twelfth Night.  So here is  question for you, are leaders born or are they made?  Leadership does not come easy to some but believe it or not, we can practice and become leaders.  I just read “Take the Lead” by Betsy Myers, a very accomplished leader who explores this topic in detail.  A great way to expand on your leadership skills is to read,  but you can also listen to the TED talk series on topics of leadership.

Leadership is described as, “to guide or direct a group, to show the way, to influence.”  Being a leader starts with us as individuals, and challenges our ability to influence.    Here are some common leadership traits:

  1. Positivity, glass half full approach
  2. Ability and willingness to influence, engage and motivate
  3. Self awareness
  4. Inspirer
  5. Reader and explorer
  6. Accountable
  7. Shows Integrity
  8. Supports the team and recognizes them
  9. Decisive
  10. Visionary
  11. Patient
  12. Shows Courage
  13. Respectful and Shows Gratitude
  14. Authentic

Not all of these are innate but we can train ourselves and learn some of these along the way.  It helps to have a coach or mentor.

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