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Up for a cup of tea?


I am sitting enjoying a cup of Peppermint tea with my brother and chatting about how we plan to spend the holidays.

At my house we have been in the midst of a kitchen renovation and it has been hell.  If you have ever experienced not having access to the basics for an extended period of time you will understand what I mean.  Just to make a morning cup of tea can be tedious.  Anyway, this isn’t about the stress of renovations but more about how important it is to spend time with family over the holidays.

As a result of not having a kitchen, we sadly could not host Thanksgiving this year like we usually do.  In frustration, we decided to take a vacation and get away.  It just wasn’t the same.  There is something  about Turkey, noise, family and friends.  Back to tradition next year.   Anyway, we returned home and finally we have a completed kitchen.

celebrate with usTo share our happiness we had a few people over last weekend. It was simply fabulous.  My childhood  friend  Arlette who moved from the US years ago was back visiting from Amsterdam.  She always spent the holidays with us,  so I decided to have my brother and family to celebrate an early Christmas before she jetted off to visit her mom. It’s lovely that most of my friends know each other and over the years we have all bonded together.  We had a great time, cooking,  listening to holiday music, having wine, drinking tea and chatting…that is what the holidays mean to me.

All of this to say that the holidays are not about presents, but about giving of ourselves.  Make your holidays memorable with family, friends and giving.   Enjoy!


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