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I love yoga and have been taking classes for over 20 years. What is it about yoga that I like? Well, I started doing it as a form of exercise before it became trendy attending classes two days a week with a friend. You become addicted to the feeling of community and I soon realized that it goes beyond the mat; it’s about lifestyle, health, meditation and people.

Years ago, a very inspirational teacher, Susan, introduced me to meditation. She started her classes with 5 minutes of silence, or as she called it “centering ourselves”. It was the most brutal five minutes; my mind raced, I shifted and moved and couldn’t stop thinking, because I was trying so hard. It became easier after a few weeks; but I wasn’t ready to commit to it. Susan was a great spiritual teacher and I learned many things from her. It wasn’t until years later after reading a book about the science behind the benefits of meditation that I decided to commit. I was inconsistent still for many years, but 3 years ago committed to a daily practice of 15-20 minutes. I have been doing it ever since and will not skip it.

This has helped me in my outlook on life, my job and also with my family (especially that 13-year-old teenage daughter). I am calmer and truly believe that it helps open the mind allowing for the flow of ideas, creativity and better judgment. I take the opportunity to share my experience with my friends and team mates who are stressed or seem to be searching for something else. So I am also sharing it with you. Start a meditation practice today, even if just for 3 minutes of stillness. It helps.

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