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I am sitting enjoying a spot of tea with my dear friend Holly.   I recently returned from a visit to China where I enjoyed the ritual of the Chinese Tea Ceremony.  The fact that it is called a “tea ceremony” already had me engaged.

Not knowing fully what to expect as it was my first time, I sat and waited for it to begin.  The host dressed in traditional Chinese dress, calmly explained the process and the various types of tea I would enjoy in the time I sat with her.  We started with black tea, which is usually rinsed on the first pour before refilling and pouring.  She spoke softly.  The appeal of the ceremony is the level of relaxation it brings as you sit listening to the host’ soothing tone, learning about the benefits of drinking the tea, and finally the smooth exquisite taste of the tea itself.   I tasted numerous varieties.

The quality of tea showcased is the best available, subtly committing you to the sale at the end, which like every food and beverage tasting today, ends in the gift shop.  After such a wonderful experience, my purse strings were much lighter as I craved the smoothness and richness of the tea I tasted.

China is full of tea houses and most of the hotels serve afternoon tea.  It is a favorite pastime and you become knowledgeable about what you like, enjoying the regular experience and relaxation of afternoon tea.   It occurred to me that we don’t find the time to do this nearly often enough.  To me this equates to the experience and benefits of yoga and meditation.

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