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Although Topit was created in 2011, it is a product that was long in the making. We were born and raised in England, and our mum extolled the virtues of tea to us. As adults now living in the U.S. with families of our own, our lives are busier than ever, but sitting down and catching up with each other has always involved a nice cup of tea.

After pouring our tea, a common habit we both had was to cover our mugs with a saucer to keep it hot while our tea steeped. Though somewhat practical, it was never quite “right” because the rounded shape of the saucer caused it to slip around and sometimes fall off. We brainstormed one day and designed a flat ceramic cover that could fit over a variety of cups and mugs, with a raised lip that not only prevents it from slipping off your cup, but becomes a nice resting place for your tea bag when you’re done with it.  We now have a successful business with a product we’re very proud of. For people who enjoy tea as much as we do, a Topit really is a necessity—you’ll notice the difference in the taste immediately.  Enjoy!


Tracy and Alex

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    Where are your products made?


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