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  Up for a cup of tea?

I am sitting and enjoying a cup of PG Tips tea and chatting with my friend….

Heather and I are chatting about INNOVATION  and what this new buzz word is all about.   We all want to be innovative but what does it all really mean?  Bottom line, be different, and introduce something new.  Don’t be afraid to fail.  All great entrepreneurs and successful people have failed multiple times. Success comes from getting up and trying again and again and again. As the saying goes…Third time is a charm.

At Teatopit we are innovative.  We created the ”topit”  a unique tea cup cover which also serves as a teabag caddy, not made by anyone else, and it’s patented.  We all have great ideas, but it doesn’t mean much unless it’s implemented.  Our “topit” came about as a result of personal need.  It seemed like a good idea which we had to implement. Thereby began execution of an idea.  Can you take your idea to market?  Does it bring value to the consumer?  This is where belief is paramount, because without belief, drive, and motivation…innovation is just an idea waiting to happen…a dream perhaps.

 It’s time to start thinking out of the box at work and home.  We must use our imagination and find ways to do things differently.  These are the times for us to encourage our kids to foster change and be innovative in everything they do.  The “back in the day” theory is extinct.  Innovation begins at home!

 New ideas are the name of the game to survive and be successful in today’s world economy.  Go out , effect change and be innovative in your thoughts and actions.  Success is sure to follow.  Get up and go!


  Up for a cup of tea?

I am sitting and enjoying a cup of PG Tips tea and chatting with my friend….

Heather and I are discussing what everyone seems to be talking about, Sheryl Sandberg, COO at Facebook and her new book, “Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to lead”.  We are talking about how much things have already changed in our lifetime, but that it still isn’t enough.  We must embrace change so our kids will be better off.

The good news …everybody’s talking.  There are many of schools of thought and controversy about whether you agree or disagree with Sandberg’s book.  Some say she is victimizing women as the problem, blaming them for not speaking up or raising their hands for promotions as readily as men.   Some say the issue is bigger than that and she had it better than most.   I read the book and may not agree with everything she says, but it opens the mind to change behavior.  If you come away with 1 or 2 things that you can do differently (which I have), she has accomplished something.  It provoked thought around behaviors at work and at home.

She has America talking, women talking, men listening, people sharing ideas about a topic that is not voiced nearly enough. The NY Times ran a series of articles about Women in a Man’s World.  In the article, Ms. Dorner, Chief Executive at HSBC USA publicly states that it wasn’t until she turned 50 (now 58) that she realized that she could have done more to promote and bring women along.   She said she did not push hard enough to change the “status quo” but focused on her own career.  What an acknowledgement.   Women need sponsors in these organizations in order to be promoted; hard work is not always recognized and rewarded.  Mentors are great and serve their purpose for advice and guidance but sponsors bring you with them, recommend you, and make moves happen.  We should all be lucky enough to find sponsors the way Sheryl Sandberg did,  but in the meantime we need to Lean In for ourselves and make choices to elevate us.  We need to commit to bringing other women along as we move up.

I enjoyed her book and I say “Kudos for making America talk”.  That by itself will open more doors.

    Lean In my fellow ladies, anyway you know how.


Up for a cup of tea?

It’s Sunday afternoon and I am sitting enjoying a cup of Ginger/Lemon tea and chatting with my friend …

Gillian and I are discussing this upcoming Holy Week and the end to my Lenten journey with no cussing (last week’s blog) .  I tell her I am ending the week strong with big sacrifices…

  • No meat for the entire week (only fish)
  • No WINE daily (a big deal for me, great de-stresser)
  • No sweets
  • No dairy
  • Embrace the 21 day meditation I signed up for but didn’t start

I went shopping earlier and stocked up on fish and vegetables.  We eat pretty healthy, but the minute you decide to give something up, is the minute you must have it.  Today’s menu is Tilapia, sauteed with onions and tomatoes over brown rice, mushrooms and fennel with cumin, steamed broccoli and no wine.

Gillian is supportive and is certain I will be able do it.  She reminds me I can be pretty committed…so a week with extra yoga and all of the above should get me there.  I signed up for the Oprah and Deepak Chopra, 21 day meditation series,( 14 days ago)  and did my first session today…simply amazing.

It was appropriately titled “The Journey to Perfect Health”, which means the stars are aligned, so what better time to focus on my body and mind.  Deepak ends the mediation by saying “Simply with the change of mind, you can change your life”.

I believe it.   I am changing my mind and life.


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