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Steeping Suggestions

  • Benefits of Covering: As the tealeaves steep, you must cover the cup. Covering reduces the steeping time and maintains the required temperature value. Additionally, covering the brewing tealeaves prevent the volatile oils of the leaves to escape with steam. So, covering is a good way to maintain the health benefits of brewed tea.
  • Tap Water or Bottled/Filtered Water: It is a common knowledge that filtered or bottled water tastes better than tap water, making it preferable as it will improve the taste of tea.
  • Quantity of Tea: One tea bag , or 1 or 2 teaspoons of loose tealeaves is sufficient to make an 8 ounce cup of brewed tea.
  • Heat the Pot and Cups in Advance: It helps to pour hot water in the cup or pot prior to adding the tea as this will also help contribute to maintaining the water temperature when steeping
  • Perfect Temperature: You may ask, “Why brew tea in a specific range of water temperature?” This is important as overheating the water may deplete oxygen, which in turn can lower the health benefits.

How Long Should My Tea Steep?


  • Black Tea/3-5 minutes/Boiling
  • Green Tea/2-3 minutes/150° F – 160° F
  • Oolong Tea/2-5 minutes/190° F
  • White Tea/1-2 minutes/180° F
  • Cold Brewed Iced Tea/4-5 minutesFor milder tea flavor, shorten brew time.

For stronger tea flavor, increase brewing time.

Source: TwiningsUSA.com and About.com

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