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Styles of Serving Tea

People living in different parts of the world use their own styles to serve brewed tea. One popular style is followed by the British who prefer to add milk to the brewed tea. This adds a new color and smoothness to the brewed tea. In some countries like Russia, there is a popular trend of adding lemon to enhance the taste of brewed tea. Honey and sugar are other popular ingredients used for the similar purposes.

Brewed tea should be served fresh, as it may turn bitter if not consumed for long. If the tea becomes cool, it is a good idea to have it with ice. Re-heating of cool tea can take away the flavor of the tea. It is a good idea to purchase tealeaves in small quantities as this ensures that you are able to make fresh cups of brewed tea every single time, whether using a teapot or tea ball in a cup or mug.

Make sure that you completely strain the tealeaves out of the teapot. As mentioned earlier, it is a good idea to heat the serving cups in advance. This helps to enjoy the desired taste of brewed tea you prepare.

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