National Hot Tea Month 2015


Up for a cup of Tea?

I am sitting enjoying a cup of Ginger Root tea with my brother as we plan the agenda for January and our featured blogs.  We can’t believe we are in a new year already and in National Hot Tea Month, January 2015.

It is time to celebrate new things with focus and determination.  So why not commit to trying new teas and accessories.  We at Topit will try one new tea a week just to open our minds and have fun in the new year.  You often read that I am drinking PG Tips which is my staple tea but let’s explore together.  Here is what we have planned for this month.

ginger rootGinger Root Tea:  Ginger is fantastic herb used for many remedies in addition to it’s lovely soothing taste and flavor.  The ginger root  is the stem of the plant and is used in cooking as a spice or for medicinal purposes.   My mom always gave me ginger for tummy aches and during pregnancy it was the only thing that would sooth my nausea.  It has many other uses such as relieving menstrual cramps, helping fight respiratory infections, and surprisingly eases lower back pain which many people have at some point in their life, me included.



Chai Tea:  Oh the benefits of spices.  There are so many different Chai teas available for purchase but we made our own using indian spices with a focus on cardamon and orange slices.  Totally delicious.   Cardamon is one of the super spices and is known to aid digestion such as heartburn as well help with gallbladder issues  and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  It is also said to help with colds and associated infections. 


Turmeric root and powderWe are making Tumeric Tea from scratch using ground spice, which is less bitter than the actual root.  Our simple recipe is a cup of warm almond milk, tumeric and honey for a great nighttime drink to sooth and aid digestion.  Some of us even spice it up further with a drop of cayenne pepper, another very good spice.

Turmeric is a plant and is related to the Ginger family.  It has a stronger distinctive flavor, slightly  bitter and stronger than ginger.  It is more widely known as one of the main ingredients in curry but is also used widely medicinally.   It is known to help with arthritis, upset stomach,  diarrhea, gas and bloating, reduced appetite and many other ailments.


darjeeling Darjeeling Tea, a simple black tea from India but known as one the best and most sought after.   This tea comes from the Himalayas foothills (6000 elevation).   What makes Darjeeling so special?  Well, the taste is impacted by the time of year it is harvested.  There are multiple harvests with the first in March, considered the best.  The second harvest in May and June is also highly valued.  This tea has a smooth finish and is very tasty.


So this is our month at Topit.   Please join us in our tea adventure and leave comments with your thoughts and suggestions of other teas we might try.   We are always looking for new teas to brew with our favorite Topits.


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